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Does iForex work?

During my 3+ years of live Forex Trading I have never written a testimonial for any of the strategies or other trading systems that I have purchased and used. Why? Because I have never found one that I could truthfully endorse as living up to what it was advertised to be — until now.

Mark A.

Quite frankly, I have been “blown away” by this strategy. It has proven to be as reliable and profitable as advertised. In addition, your honest, prompt and direct support of your product has been second to none for me.

Richard J.


iForex is based on my twelve years of trading experience. By implementing profitable and proven methods that I have found the most effective, I created this system. iForex combines price action trading, channels, S/R, trends, volume and market cycles.

Let me show you how iForexStrategy works on my favourite currency pairs. (Examples are M30 TF)


Over 10,000+ Pips Accumulated

"I highly recommend iForexStrategy to anyone who is determined to earn some serious income through trading in the Forex. Thanks David for this fantastic, easy to use and above all highly profitable system."

Philip B.

How it works

iForex strategy is built on 3 legs, it uses 3 custom designed indicators

These proprietary designed indicators are based on the most proven methods such as price action trading, S/R, trendlines, channels, market volume and market cycle.

The three indicators are: iStrategyTrend, iStrategyMonitor and iStrategyDirect. These when combined together, all these trading systems form one powerful strategy, the iForex Strategy.

Just install the indicators and template on your Meta trader 4 platform and you are ready to trade.

Easy to follow signals

There is no brain storming, simply install and choose your desired currency pair and timeframe, iForexStrategy prepares everything for you.

iForexStrategy will “talk with you”, you will know all about trading volume, S/R levels, and the current market cycle. Most importantly, you will know when is the best moment to enter a trade, where to place a stop and the profit target.



Which pair, time frame?

iForexStrategy works great on any pair and all time frames. It works better with M30 and higher time frames and discounts market noise. Simply open your desired chart and activate the strategy to see potential trade opportunities.

They say that there is nothing perfect about the market but this is as perfect as it can get. iForexStrategy will walk you in and out of the market with pips in your account while most other traders lose money.



You won’t miss profitable trades – Alert supported

iForexStrategy provides trade alerts every time when it detects a powerful setup, you'll receive an audio alert in your Meta Trader platform.


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